Medical workers have a unique view of the world's current hardships, and hope.

Hear from them and help them help the people they serve.

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News (Jan. 2016): Special welcome to visitors referred by the International Rescue Committee!

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Note: As the amount of content increases, the ability to search by region or type (hospital, primary care, warzone, etc.) will be added—but all reports have shown a strikingly common spirit.


Have a medical-related story to share? Please submit it here. We highly encourage submissions of video (including 360° video), but plain text is most welcome too.

Virtual Reality

While we would not choose many of the situations described on this site, it can be illuminating for us to get a glimpse of them through virtual reality. Recent technology makes this possible at low cost. Cardboard goggles, available for under $20, can be be used with any smartphone to view 360° video.

If you are a medical professional, we encourage you to send in 360° video to help the rest of the world better understand the situations you deal with. On request, we may be able to send you appropriate camera hardware and provide instruction.

If you're new to this technology, get a taste by viewing a recent virtual reality experience about child refugees with your smartphone after installing the NYT VR app.


Doctors and other medical professionals get an intimate view of the true situation on the ground and should be heard. Additionally, while the sampling of stories on this site should not be taken as a full picture of the situation in any given location, they seem to underscore the commonalities in medicine across countries and circumstances.
This site also will also provide validated information for you to make direct donations to any organization featured here that would like contributions.
The name?
(1) Even on medical grounds alone, attention and help is justified. (2) Medical G(rand) Rounds are when doctors visit all patients on the ward. (3) We get to see the physical grounds of many hospitals... Which meaning do you like?
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